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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Panorama Nature Preserve

Panorama Nature Preserve is located in Fullerton and contains a wildlife preserve filled with California native plants that attract local birds and insects. The main attraction of the place is a one-mile hike to the highest point in Fullerton, overlooking the neighboring cities.


My friend and I decided to take the 3-mile (or more) hike to the “fullerton peak”(as I am calling it) that comes around from the other side. We hiked along the trail that goes through a golf course and a residential area. Upon reaching there, we saw the neighboring cities of Yorba Linda, Santa Ana, and Anaheim, amongst others, as well as the hike trail that we took to get there. We were very proud!

On our way, we recognized Toyon, Cholla Cactus,California Encelia, Bush Monkeyflower, and Pampas Grass (plants-all except Pampas Grass is native to Southern California). We also found a song sparrow, a house finch, and a bewick’s wren amongst the native birds (at least that’s what we thought they were).






^Can you see my house way out there? (I can’t either.)

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