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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Laguna Woods and Laguna Hills Libraries

OC Public Libraries: Laguna Woods Branch
24264 El Toro Road
Laguna Woods, CA 92637

This is a city hall/library/chamber of commerce all put together in one building. The library was a desk with a young man sitting on the other side. This library is basically for residents of Laguna Woods to order library books to be sent to this branch, so that they can pick them up here. There wasn’t really much action so I stayed for a little  while and searched the library catalog. Then I headed to Laguna Hills.



^this was the desk


OC Public Libraries: Laguna Hills Technology Library
25555 Alicia Parkway
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

When I saw the outside, I got excited. It was a large building and my insides jumped with joy. “It must be a huge library”, I told myself (this OC Library Challenge is making me think my friends are right-I am a nerd).


However, when I went inside, this library was kind of similar to the Laguna Woods one. There was a room filled with computers (well, it does say Laguna Hills Technology Library on their website, so it was silly of me to expect a library with only books). There were shelves at the back of the room with books, but that was all. There was not a huge collection of books, so this library serves the purpose of computer access for its residents.


I always wondered, while on this challenge, why there were so many branches in the Laguna area (including the Aliso Viejo library because that is pretty close in proximity as well). My conclusion is that some of these libraries provide quick services, like book holds, pick-ups, and computer access to its residents for convenience. Library patrons can still search online catalogs, find books of interest, and finally have the inter-library loan system make it easy for them to pick up their books at a library conveniently located near them.

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