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Monday, June 14, 2010

Quick Kebab-Turkish Cuisine in Westminster

14502 Beach Blvd.
Westminster, CA 92683

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If you want yummy Turkish cuisine, I have the place for you. Well, first of all, I haven’t really been to many Turkish restaurants in Orange County (this is the second one) and so I am no expert in this cuisine, but nevertheless, I think I would know good food when I taste it:)

This little (it’s quite tiny) place is located on the corner of Beach Boulevard and Hazard Ave in Westminster.

The place inside has a good amount of seating, though I wonder if they would be able to accommodate large groups that might decide to dine there. The space is a little tight because of it’s size, so I wouldn’t recommend bringing your extended family along with your in-laws to have a birthday bash. The chairs are a little uncomfortable, but I do like the decor overall. It’s pleasing to the eye, yet it’s not overdone.

The service was a little lacking because when we ordered the food, we asked for drinks, but the server forgot to give us glasses. We thought maybe they would bring it to us, but after about five minutes, I decided to ask at the front. I waited for about five more minutes so I could tell her that we would like some water! (She was talking to another customer on the phone). I think the main problem here was understaffing- if they maybe had an extra person, things would run a little smoother.

After we got our food, every complaint took a backseat because I was so engrossed in enjoying my food. I ordered ‘beef kebab’ and the order came with rice, salad, and some yogurt on the side. The portions were very generous. YUM!






So, next day, I felt like eating some more Turkish cuisine and decided to order ‘Governor’s plate’ from this same place:) This time, however, I had a takeout order.






Food: 4/5 stars

Service: 3/5 stars

Overall: 3.5/5 stars

Click here to be taken to the restaurant’s website.

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