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Friday, July 9, 2010

Seal Beach Library

OC Public Libraries: Seal Beach Branch

Mary Wilson Library
707 Electric Ave.
Seal Beach, CA  90740






I was kind of disappointed with the location of the library. First off, it was very difficult to locate. I actually passed the 8th Street that Electric Avenue was on, and ended up in 8th Street of Los Angeles County! Side note: The 8th Street of Los Angeles had gorgeous houses. There was a cross-street called Santiago and a golf course/park was located there. Very beautiful.

Although the library was medium-sized, it was quite spacious. The librarian at the front desk was semi-nice, meaning I couldn’t really tell, but she said that I had a nice scarf. The children’s area was very colorful. There was a good amount of computers and reference computers (i.e. for searching the online library catalog). The bathrooms, however, were not that clean.

I think the Seal Beach area is quite attractive, but the library was a tiny bit disappointing. However, all this negativity could be due to the fact that although the area is only fifteen minutes away from my place (according to mapquest), I ended up finding my destination an hour later (due to my horrible mental GPS and the not-so-obvious-street-sign of 8th Street).

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