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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Buena Park Library

Buena Park Library District
7150 La Palma Avenue
Buena Park, CA 90620








^ “Books in Urdu are available in this library”

It seemed to me as a large-sized library.

-The library was pretty loud upstairs, even though there was a huge sign that said something along the lines of “Quiet Study Area”.
-There are a good number of computers. They need to be reserved  for 50/60 minute increments. That makes it fair for everyone, so they can get a chance to use them as well.
-Wireless did not work for my computer because I could not get connection and was unable to do any of my work.
- There were young volunteers throughout the library, as well as middle school child volunteers. An 11 year old was explaining to me about reserving a computer. Very cute:)
-Lots of DVDs, but not brand new
-Separate children's room, medium sized
-Different language books: Urdu, Gujarati, Hindi, Telugu, Korean, Spanish, etc.
-I went to get my passport made as well and the lady at the front desk was very sweet.

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